23rd - 29th November 2020

Prague Fringe in Edinburgh

Edinburgh Festival Fringe offers over 4237 during the month-long festival. You can catch a lot of shows from Prague Fringe 2019!

Artists coming to Prague often use our open audiences to introduce their new shows before taking them to big world festivals, including the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the largest arts event in the world. 
We've noticed a large number of familiar companies from both Prague Fringe 2019 and the past years so if you struggle with picking shows from the programme, this might be a good place to start! 

14 from Prague Fringe 2019

Isa Bonachera, 'The Great Emptiness' 

Caroline Burns Cooke, 'Testament of Yootha'

Elfie Picket, 'Ane City'

'The Nights' by Henry Naylor

Fetch Theatre, 'Caliban’s Codex'

Sidney Kean, 'Toby Belch (is Unwell)'

David McIver, 'Teleport'

Nicholson and Gore, 'Gone Native'

Bang Average Theatre, 'Lucille and Cecilia'

Sarah Kendall, 'Paper Planes

Mr Twonkey, 'Twonkey’s Ten Year Twitch'

Cat Loud Quartet, 'Torch Songs'

Jay Bennet, 'An Audience with Yasmine Day'

Teuchter Company - Colin Bramwell, 'Umbrella Man'

Haste Theatre, 'Ex-batts and Broilers'


from the past 

Men With Coconuts

The Latebloomers, 'Scotland'

Clownfish, 'Sir David and his Animals'

Leyla Josephine, 'Daddy Drag'

Brite Theatre, '(Can this be) Home'

Hoopla Clique, 'Chores'

In Bed With My Brother, 'Tricky Second Album'

Mad Etiquette, 'The Establishment: Bureau de Strange'

Two Little Dickeads, 'Kapow'

Static Assembly, 'The Nana Schewitz Pass Me Over Party

David O'Doherty, 'Ultrasound

TBC Improv, 'Absolute Improv'

Pip Utton Theatre Company, 'Einstein'

Baba Brinkman's 'Rap Guide To...'

Andy Smart, '40 Years at the Edinburgh Fringe'

Stephen Frost/ Richard Vranch, 'Whose Line is it Anyway

Amy Abler, 'PianoDivalicious

Good luck to all performers! 


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