23rd - 29th November 2020

GoOut launches 'Festival of Nothing'

Fringe venues A studio Rubín and Malostranská beseda are included in new fundraising initiative

Our clever and forward-thinking ticket agents GoOut together with Prague Councillor and Producer Hanka Trestikova have created the 'Festival of Nothing' to support the many theatres and venues in the Czech Republic who are currently closed and without income due to the emergency measures.

Artists all across the Czech Republic are forced to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic each and every day. Many of them are doing their best to help their communities even though their own income is currently close to zero: theatres and galleries are closed, concerts cancelled and living off of their online activities cannot grant them survival. We are facing the very real danger that some institutions might simply be wiped off the cultural map. Now there is a way to support them directly.

in April, we will all have a different city experience. 'Nothing 2020' is a festival that doesn’t exist. Cultural institutions cannot offer you real experience due to the state of emergency but you can show them your support nonetheless – by buying a ticket for nothing. The symbolic event will take place on the 1st of May, the Czech Day of Love, in collaboration with various cultural organisations across the country.

Beloved Prague Fringe venues A studio Rubín and Malostranská beseda Klub are both included and can be supported by buying a ticket from as little as 20 Kč / 65p / €0.70

See the full details and buy your tickets on the GoOut website here.

We'll look forward to seeing you all there! 


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