23rd - 29th November 2020

19th Prague Fringe Rescheduled

In the week that we had planned to launch our full programme and ticket sales, we have a slightly different announcement to make.

We have been carefully monitoring the ever-changing developments of our own governmental restrictions, as well as those being imposed around the rest of the world with regards to the Coronavirus outbreak. 

The Czech Government has declared a national emergency and enforced quarantine conditions for all residents, like many other countries in the world. These extra measures came in addition to the closure of schools and universities and ban on large gatherings, as well as the closure of restaurants and non-essential shops. The Czech borders are currently closed for visitors. 

The full quarantine is expected to last until Tuesday 24th March and the additional bans are expected to be lifted during April but these dates are not finalised we believe extensions are incredibly likely. 

It is because of these strict and ongoing restrictions, as well as other major developments around the world, that with heavy hearts we must announce that the 19th Prague Fringe can not take place as planned in May.  We know this won’t be a surprise to many of you but it doesn’t make it any less devastating for all of us that the situation has led to this.

We are now working hard with our venues, partners and sponsors to reschedule the event to the Autumn at which time we hope that it will be safe and logistically feasible to proceed. As we usually overlap with Brighton Fringe which has also had to reschedule, the new dates will be in October 2020. 

We’re looking forward to presenting the amazing programme that we have all spent so long planning and preparing to our audiences in the Autumn. We are a small team, currently working remotely, so please bear with us while we work on the logistics.  

We wish to thank all of our partners and sponsors for their ongoing support and wish all of our friends and followers good mental and physical health in this extremely distressing time for our cultural community. 

Here’s to a stronger and more valued future for the arts to come. 


Edinburgh on the Vltava. 21 years of English language theatre in Prague